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Eco Vanlines Reviews

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  • Better than doing it yourself

    After two winters in D.C I've had enough, called some friends around and got a few job offers in Florida, after some traveling and planning for my move Pensacola was the choice. All that was left was to get there, almost did the whole truck rental thing but decide against it due to fatigue. Again I called friends, got some recommendations and went with Ecovanlines after some negotiation, I'd read bad reviews from all other companies, and I guess everyone has their share of bad luck. Thankful to say it wasn't my turn, it all went down great. More...
    Mikeospina's Picture   Mikeospina    0 Comments   Comments
  • A pleasure to move with them

    It was a pleasure to find out I could go back to my old school to teach, although Charlotte has been very kind to me I fell inlove with Boston long ago. I was packed and ready to go but the company I had booked with (that shan't be named) flaked out and left me hanging. A few calls later I was ready to go again for the following day and with a slightly cheaper price, I'm very appreciative of how quickly and effectively Eco vanlines responded to my predicament. More...
    anniesands's Picture   anniesands    0 Comments   Comments
  • No surprises

    My friend and I decided after finishing our degree to try out our new business idea in St. Louis. We were just moving boxes and very little furniture, her family had recently used Eco vanlines as their movers, they were very content with the pricing and all around service. It was a breeze to setup thanks to Gil who made us double check things so there wouldn't be any surprises. Glad to say that there weren't! More...
    ettacruz's Picture   ettacruz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Breath of fresh air

    My sister was in the process of a difficult divorce, I had called a few companies local to Tampa and Ecovanlines had given us the most reasonable estimate. We had a timing issue for delivery and they promised us it would be there on time, I put my trust in them and Paulina. Everything went as expected, which was a breath of fresh air for her at the time. More...
    jonesdith546's Picture   jonesdith546    0 Comments   Comments
  • Patient and helpful

    I couldn't handle anymore of the Texas weather, decided to move to beautiful Cincinnati after several recommendations. I had seen a neighbor move in with ecovanlines a month or so ago and had nothing bad to say about them. I called and checked up a few other companies to compare and at the end eco were the most patient with all my questions and helped me out decide what would be more cost effective to take with me. I was seriously impressed with their kind service. More...
    hastedmelinda's Picture   hastedmelinda    0 Comments   Comments
  • Well done move

    So I just finished the first part of my studies and decided to take a break and be with my family for a while, I sold most of my furniture and brought along the massive quantities of books I accumulated in the recent years. It's not easy moving from a big city like Austin to farm zone Minnesota but I had a good reference from a good friend. The move was very easy to setup and got a great price for my delivery address! More...
    jacqueyZ's Picture   jacqueyZ    0 Comments   Comments
  • Full relaxing service

    Leaving the ocean area was very sad to even think about, packing moving and unpacking was an even worse thought. My sons couldn't come out to help me, but they did so financially, so I went with Eco cause they offered the best price for full packing and unpacking. At my age I did not want to do that all by myself and had a very stressless move thanks to their professional service. More...
    cynthiaLars's Picture   cynthiaLars    0 Comments   Comments
  • Serious and professional

    Being raised in Michigan, I knew I had to go live down south at some point, one day I just started packing, withdrew my savings, called a few companies and after a few hours and alot of calls I had booked with Eco due to their seriousness and professionalism, much thanks to Paul for having the time and patience. Pickup was ultra fast and delivery was as estimated. More...
    dwayneW's Picture   dwayneW    0 Comments   Comments
  • Small Move went great

    I didn't have much stuff to move out to Detroit so I was looking for a really good price. At first I went with a different company that offered me a ridiculously low price, but after reading reviews on the internet, I didn't feel comfortable enough with them. Eco was a bit more expensive, but I really got good value! They were real good at wrapping all the different furniture, and loading it up to the truck. I was happy I didn't have to do any of that myself. More...
    greglewis's Picture   greglewis    0 Comments   Comments
  • easy & Cost-effective

    I wanted to continue my masters degree in New York as a spiritual healer and of course with this kind of path there is not much money that I can afford to spend, so I was worried that I would have to do the move myself - and I am not in the physical condition to be able to do that. Thankfully enough, I found ecovanlines to give me a low price on the move and a few free things such as mirror and picture boxes, which made it all the more easier and cost-effective. They were really decent and kind in the way they handled me as a customer, and my delivery arrived on time with no damage to any... More...
    marylabriola's Picture   marylabriola    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great deal

    Deciding to relocate as a newlywed wife to a home in a different state with my husband whom I had not lived with before made me quite nervous, so it was important to me that i wouldn't have the added anxieties of moving. My husband looked up different moving services online and decided to contact eco van lines and received a great deal on the move. We were both happy that we didn't have to waste too much energy trying to reach them, a high price, and waiting around for our things to be delivered to our new home in Louisiana. I am happy to have worked with Eco VL! More...
    richardmiguel's Picture   richardmiguel    0 Comments   Comments
  • nothing short of excellent

    The way that Eco Van lines has assisted me throughout the move was nothing short of excellent, they were on call at all times whenever i had questions, and gave me a great deal on my move. They even offered a free bed mattress cover! The sales representatives I spoke with were beyond helpful and i am happy I chose their company to help me start my new life. More...
    vadakoury's Picture   vadakoury    0 Comments   Comments
  • Happy to have received EcoVL services

    i am happy to have received the service from the Eco Van lines company as they really assisted me throughout my move without any issues along the way and made my move extremely stress-free as opposed to most moving experiences most people have (including myself), everything went smoothly; pick-up time, delivery-time -- no damages and a reasonable price for my move. Thank you Eco Van Lines! More...
    cathyjohnson's Picture   cathyjohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Move For Beginners

    After getting a college degree, I was moving on back to my home state of Mississippi to start looking for work. I was planning on moving all of my furniture down there, since I had stupidly spent a lot of money buying it, but I didn't want to waste even more money on overpaying for the move. Eco vanlines gave me a great student discount for the move, so I went with them. It was the first move I ever did, but I could tell that these guys were real professionals, and I was happy that I couldn't even find one scratch on any of my expensive furniture. More...
    timothycaston's Picture   timothycaston    0 Comments   Comments
  • very humane

    I am a divorced woman with no family living where I moved from so I couldn't move all of my belongings myself like I used to when i was younger. After a lot of research on the internet and phone calls with various moving companies, eco van lines seemed to offer me the best price as well as the best and most humane treatment I could have expected from a moving company to a customer. More...
    roxyfoxy's Picture   roxyfoxy    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Stress Moving

    Moving is always a lot of stress, and I wanted to make things as easy as possible, especially for my wife who was pregnant at the time. I spoke with many companies and ended up reserving with eco vanlines because of their competitive rates for full packing service. The movers arrived in the morning and packed everything up. They brought like four guys to get the job done, and were really efficient in getting it all done quickly. We didn't have to do anything to get ready for the move! Eco always kept us updated about when we would be receiving our items, and everything arrived in one... More...
    charlescantu's Picture   charlescantu    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stress Free Moving

    Moving is always a stressful thing, and after many different bad moving experiences, I was determined to make this move stress free. I spent weeks just researching the different companies, and comparing and contrasting quotes. I went with eco because of their simple quote, and their excellent reputation. Also Earl, my representative, was very adamant about smoothing out all small details; it was like he was as determined as I was to make this move flawless! In the end all of the hard work paid off, and I had a great move; no items were damages, no charges were extra, and do delivery dragged... More...
    walterjones's Picture   walterjones    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fast Move

    My ex husband was in the military, so I was used to moving. In the past he had taken care of all of the details, and choosing a moving company, but now it was up to me. I remembered that we had a good move with Eco vanlines in the past, so I called them up again. They offered me a nice price, so I closed the deal with them. The move itself went by a lot quicker than I thought; they were on time, and packed fast, and were out of there fast, and they delivered fast. It was nice, because we weren't in that stressful limbo of moving for long. More...
    conniestapp's Picture   conniestapp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Punctual and Professional

    Moving to Montana was a really big change for me, and I was looking to make all aspects of the move as easy as possible. My company chose Eco vanlines for the move, and I was worried that because the choice was out of my ccontrol that things would go less than perfect. I ended up being very impressed by the service that eco vanlines gave me; they were punctual and professional, and got things done quickly. The delivery to Montana did take a while, but I was warned of that well ahead of time, and always given updates regarding the whereabouts of the items. More...
    annabeach's Picture   annabeach    0 Comments   Comments
  • trustworthy moving company

    From my past experiences I know that movers are a bad breed. I had some pretty tough times moving in the past, and I was really wary about talking with any company. At this point the only mover I would chose would be from a personal recommendation, so I started grilling my family. My cousin let me know about Eco Van Lines; he had nothing but good things to say about them. He told me to call in and ask to talk to Daniel. The move went by better than I could ever hope. On the day of the move I was expecting the price to go up; and it didn't. I was expecting delivery to take over a month,... More...
    ronaldsims's Picture   ronaldsims    0 Comments   Comments
  • Final and Perfect Move

    This was probably my tenth time moving, but this time I was planning on making it permanent. I had a full three bedroom house filled with things to move, in addition to two storage facilities that I needed also shipped out to California. Eco vanlines did the extra stop to the storage facility at no extra charge. They arrived early in the morning at the house and packed and loaded everything up, and the next day went to the storage and picked everything up from there. I won't lie, the move was pricey, but in comparison to other prices I was getting, this was a good deal. They did a... More...
    sallyscofield's Picture   sallyscofield    0 Comments   Comments
  • Easy Retirement Move

    Moving out to retirement in Florida I was trying to make things as easy on myself as possible. I liked that Eco had good prices on packing, so I had them pack all of my things so that I didn't have to deal with the stress of doing it myself. They did a really great job packing it all, and didn't use too many boxes to do so. The payment was made easily, and when they delivered the items they put everything, even the boxes, in the rooms I wanted it to go in, which was a big help for me because it meant I didn't have to carry the items around. More...
    edwardtorres's Picture   edwardtorres    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic Move

    I've dealt with many movers before, since my ex husband was in the military, and it's always a complicated process. When dealing with Eco I didn't expect anything else, and was pleasantly surprised. Their contract was easy to read, and even more rare; they actually stuck to their contract and didn't slam me with any hidden charges. Everything was simply, and information was provided to me every step of the way. It was a pleasure working with eco vanlines and now that I've found the perfect fit, I'll definitely use Eco again for moving. More...
    rosemarycarr's Picture   rosemarycarr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Movers with expertise

    I really don't like moving, but since it was a company relocating me, it made things easier in on me in terms of not having to worry about paying for the move. Also, the company used Eco Van Lines often, so I decided to jut work with them, so that I didn't have to waste my time talking to a million different companies. The movers came in at the crack of dawn and started packing everything up. They were very methodical, and got things done a lot quicker than I thought they would. On delivery they unloaded everything to the appropriate rooms and took off the blankets. I was... More...
    jasonshuster's Picture   jasonshuster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lives Up To Reputation

    New York is pretty far from Florida, so I was worried that I was going to spend a fortune on hiring movers. I searched high and low for the perfect company, and even though I got some really low prices, the companies seemed shady. I came across Eco Van Lines and they were just what I was looking for; fair prices, and a great reputation. The guys that came move all of the stuff were really professional, and really knew what they were doing. I had never seen someone lift such heavy and bulky things! The guys on delivery were much quicker in getting the job done, and also cleaned up after... More...
  • Great for an art student

    I was moving to Rhode Island for school and only had a couple of things that were moving. I'm an artist, so I had some large canvases that needed to be transported safely. My parents were helping me out with the move, and it was important for me to have a company that could keep my stuff safe. A fellow student recommended Eco to me since she used them for a move, so I went ahead and gave them a call and set things up. It was the first time I was moving, and I wasn't actually expecting much, but I was really impressed with how professional the movers were. I could tell that they... More...
    jameshuggins's Picture   jameshuggins    0 Comments   Comments
  • budget moving!

    I was moving out to the big city of LA to start a new business, so I was trying to keep my costs down, including my moving costs. Eco had some really great rates, so I went with them, no research or anything. My consultant Sonya gave me some really great tips on how to save money packing, and I raided supermarkets for about a week finding good boxes for the move. I even used those vacuum bags to compress all of my clothing into one box! The movers that arrived looked a bit rough around the edges, but got the job done well, wrapping all the furniture and loading it up on the truck. Delivery... More...
    johnjudd's Picture   johnjudd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Seamless Relocation

    When my company told me that they were relocating to Michigan, I almost quit, but then they offered me a relocation package that I couldn't refuse. They said that their approved carrier, Eco Van Lines, would be sure to make my move as easy on me as possible. I spoke to Daniel, who would be my moving consultant, and together we made a quote. Payment was never discussed since of course the company would be paying for it. The day of the move arrived and Eco did a really fantastic job of packing everything up for us. I don't know how "eco friendly" they really are, with the... More...
    leslieeames's Picture   leslieeames    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moving For Dummies!

    I don't know anything about moving, and so I just randomly chose a moving company, and it was Eco Van Lines that I chose, thinking that maybe they'd be somewhat environmentally friendly, and that I'd done a good deed. I didn't know what to expect in a move, but what I got was a really great experience. I had Eco pack all of my TV's, and my china cabinet, and they did a really great job doing so. I was a bit behind on my packing, so while they were loading everything up I was still packing some boxes, and they were giving me really great tips about how to pack things... More...
    amyjacobs11's Picture   amyjacobs11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Service For COllege Move

    I was moving to Michigan for college, so I didn't have much to move. My dad handled the movers and everything, and he chose Eco Van Lines. They called me a day before the move to confirm with me the time that they would be arriving. They arrived on time, and even specially packed my TV, which was great, since I had totally forgotten to do that! The movers were polite, and made me feel at ease, which is tough to do when you're home alone with two burly men. They were done pretty quickly, and didn't leave too much mess behind. For some reason I thought that the items would be... More...
    irenekerns's Picture   irenekerns    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Western Move

    Looks like throughout my life I just keep moving more and more west. I started off on the east coast, moved here to Texas, and now looking to move with the family to Utah. I was recommended Eco from a good friend of mine who moved cross country a while ago, and she had a really great experience with them. I spoke to Matt, who was also her consultant, and together we built a quote. True to his word, everything that I expected to happen on the day of the move did; and the movers did a great job packing everything into boxes; especially all the pesky kitchen things. I called in to get an... More...
    kimmcgowan's Picture   kimmcgowan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eco Van Lines Lowers Blood Pressure

    Moving is ultra stressful, and I was doing it all alone, so I had to take care of all of the details, from the large, like packing, to the small, like disconnecting the phone. I was looking for a mover who would be straight with me, and who I could trust to make the whole process a lot smoother, and less stressful. I tend to do things a bit last minute, so I was freaking out when I realized I had only a week to get a mover, but Eco had availability and an easy to use system and contract. I knew exactly what I was going to pay before the move, and that price was not changed. It was the only... More...
    marionhorne's Picture   marionhorne    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Job!

    After many years living south of the mason dixon line, I was taking my one bedroom and moving back up north. I didn't have too many things to move, and Eco gave me a fair price on so little items. I was very happy with the service I got with Eco van lines. The movers did a really fantastic job loading everything up to the truck, and I was thankful that they did everything quickly, so that I could get on with cleaning the apartment and things like that. Once they took the items away I wasn't too worried about when it would be arriving or anything like that, but they gave me a call... More...
    janemoore13's Picture   janemoore13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap and Great Service

    I only had a couple of pieces of furniture and some plastic bins to ship out to Florida, but I couldn't be bothered driving it all down there. Eco had the best rates for small moves; not necessarily the cheapest, but from what I could tell by the reviews, the most reliable. I made sure to follow the packing tips that Matt provided for me, and was really able to keep down the costs. The move happened really fast and I was glad to get it over with. It was a pretty simple move, nothing special, but I was really impressed by the price, and the service. More...
    Marywhite's Picture   Marywhite    0 Comments   Comments
  • Perfect Movers For Hoarders

    I admit it; I'm a hoarder. I can't throw anything out at all. Now that usually isn't such a problem, but when you're trying to cut back on moving costs it matters a lot. When I first went over inventory with Sonya, my moving consultant, I was shocked by the size of my move, and the price. I called her pretty much everyday changing my mind about what's going, and what's staying. She was always patient with me, and gave me really awesome advice about packing things real well to get my box count down. Finally the evening before the move we straightened out the... More...
    laurice's Picture   laurice    0 Comments   Comments
  • recommended and will recommend

    The moment I put my information online I got bombarded by phone calls, and I was surprised that my email server didn't crash from the amount of e-mails I was receiving. I didn't know what to do, or who to talk to, so I just asked family and friends for recommendations. My brother in law recommended eco-vanlines to me, as he had used them for a move two years ago. I called them up, and spoke to Forest, who walked me through the whole process of getting a quote. I got a real good education about the moving business from him, and he laid down in front of me all the options. In the... More...
    jamesmith's Picture   jamesmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great For Fragiles

    My mother passed away, and I needed to move some items that were inherited to me, out to Missouri. They were very fragile, antique pieces, so I was looking for a company that would treat the items well. Eco gave me a really great price on the move, and from what I read with all the good reviews, these items would be in good hands. I paid a bit extra for all of the pieces to be bubble wrapped, just to be sure. The move went by as smoothly as can be, and none of the items had even the smallest scratch on them. Moving with eco vanlines was easy and stress free. More...
    johnrobinson's Picture   johnrobinson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic large house move

    I'm a foster parent, so we have a huge house, with many bedrooms in it. Doesn't mean we're loaded, though, and were looking for a budget mover. I went through the inventory with my relocation consultant, Joe, she sent me a binding estimate by email. The contract was really easy to read, and made sense to me and the price was right, so I went with eco vanlines. On the day of the move the movers that arrived were very polite, and worked quickly. The even crated two of our flat screen television for free! I was very impressed with their service, and it was just as good on the... More...
    wandaevans's Picture   wandaevans    0 Comments   Comments

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